Commercial lease of the warehouse and office premises


       Trade and commercial company "SOUZINTERKNIGA" is the owner of the modern transportation and logistics terminal. Total area of the warehouse complex being the basis of the inventory base of the terminal activity, amounts to 15 000 m2. In logistics terminal the temporary storage warehouse has been created, which consists of closed heated warehouses, open-air site and customs control zone. Temporary storage warehouse is in compliance with all the modern requirements. Detailed information on the features of the temporary storage warehouse, services and tariffs see in section Customs clearance.

       Transportation and logistics terminal alongside with the providing of the customs station and temporary storage warehouse activities has the ample area for the commercial lease (10 000 m2 are provided for these purposes). The building of the warehouse is equipped with the cargo elevators, heating, illumination and fire extinguishing systems. At disposal of TKF "SOUZINTERKNIGA" there is special machinery for loading and unloading of the transportation means. The terminal is located in the immediate vicinity of the beltway (300 meters) and car intersection with the Kultura avenue (100 meters), which nowadays is one of the most traffic-free roads in the city and has a direct exit to the beltway in both traffic directions.

The territory of the terminal is guarded by the specialized organization, which has the relevant CCTV equipment, external and internal burglar alarm system in all the area of the enterprise. Clients and drivers are provided with the services of international communication and the facilities for the overhaul of vehicles. More than 20 broker and commercial firms rent the offices and operate at the territory of the enterprise, as well as several non-commercial public organizations, including the partner of the company - North-Western bureau for entrepreneur rights protection OPORA RUSSIA.

More detailed information may be obtained by phone.