Temporary storage facility. Customs clearance


Trade and commercial company "SOUZINTERKNIGA" is operating for more than 19 years. The main direction of the company's activity is the provision of the warehouse services based on the logistics terminal.  

Since 1996 at the territory of TKF "SOUZINTERKNIGA" the Northern customs station of the Customs of Saint Petersburg is located.

Terminal territory has total area of 4.2 hectares, where the following are located: 

· modern 10 storey administrative building with total area 4500 sq. m.,

· three-storey warehouse heated premises with area 15000 sq. m., where 5000 sq. m. is allocated for the temporary storage warehouse, 

· certification department, 

· modern offices for employees of the customs station, representatives of the phytosanitary and veterinary control, 

· two 40-feet cooling chambers for conduction of the operations of the customs clearance of the meat products,

· 24 sockets for the connection of the refrigerators,

· deep freeze cooling chambers, rated for more than 500 tonnes of cargo,

· MAGISTRAL truck scales for the static weighting, with capacity of 60 tonnes, allowing to weight the cargoes to within 10 kg. 

Security at the territory of TKF "SOUZINTERKNIGA" is provided by the professional security company, the employees of which have the permission for using the fire arms.

There has been renovation and upgrading of the equipment and territory of the terminal in 2010.

ZAO "TKF "SOUZINTERKNIGA"" is included into the Registry of the temporary storage warehouses owners and has the relevant Certificate No. 10210/100089 dated 22.04.2011 TSW is fully in compliance with the requirements, established by the Federal law dated 27.11.2010 No. 311-FZ On the customs regulation in the Russian Federation. Beside that, in accordance with the Deed of survey dated 29.12.2010 the temporary storage warehouse has passed the certification for the compliance with the requirements, established by the Order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation No. 542 and FTS RF No. 2013 dated 05.11.2009. On the veterinary and sanitary requirements to the temporary storage warehouses and customs warehouses. ZAO "TKF "SOUZINTERKNIGA"" is ready to accept perishable freights.

Leading positions of ZAO "TKF "SOUZINTERKNIGA"" in the customs services market of the North-Western region of Russia may be explained by the directed every-day work of the team of professionals, having all the relevant licences and certificates for the right to provide such services. Based on the individual approach during the work with each client, the enterprise employees provide maximum suppor for the fast passing the customs procedures. 

You may learn more on the tariffs for the in-house handling of cargoes and for the services of dispatch following the link...