Lease of premises

warehouse premises and offices

TKF "SOUZINTERKNIGA" is the owner of the modern transportation and logistics terminal. Total are of the warehouse premises is 15000 m2, office premises area is 4500 m2. All the required infrastructure for the terminal handling of the cargoes has been prepared More...

Customs clearance

temporary storage facility

Since 1996 at the territory of TKF "SOUZINTERKNIGA" the Northern customs station of the Customs of Saint Petersburg is located.... More... We provide maximum suppor for the fast passing the customs procedures...


Saint Petersburg since the moment of its foundation was the trading gates of Russia. And nowadays our city is the biggest transportation node, which receives cargoes from all over the world which enter with all the transportation types: railway, vehicle and sea.
Under modern conditions the entrance of large amounts of imported goods requires the availability of the relevant structure of the customs clearance and developed infrastructure of the customs business.
One of the leaders of the customs business in the North-West of Russia is Trade and commercial company "SOUZINTERKNIGA".
TKF "SOUZINTERKNIGA" has been established in 1932. In 1989 the powerful modern warehouse complex, located in Parnas industrial area at the crossing of the Saint Petersburg beltway and Kultura avenue was commissioned.
Today after the conducted upgrade the warehouse complex is the sound TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS TERMINAL, providing the operation of the Northern customs station of the customs of Saint Petersburg alongside with the commercial activities. Total area occupied by the complex amounts to 42 000 sq. m., and includes, apart from the warehouse buildings 10 storey administrative building with area 4500 sq. m., parking for the cargo vehicles with area of 12810 sq. m., parking for the own vehicles, garages, deep freeze cooling chambers, rated for more than 500 tonnes of cargo, twin current transformer electrical substation NTPN 2x630 kVA. The warehouse complex is rated for handling 500 ths. tonnes of cargo annually. Total area of warehouse heated premises only amounts to about 15 000 sq. m. The warehouses have been overhauled and equipped with the most modern equipment, including the automated system of sprinkler fire extinguishing and automatic system of cargo fire extinguishing.
You may learn more on the tariffs for the in-house handling of cargoes and for the services of dispatch following the link.